Courtney works with clients to create customized solutions in the following areas of practice:


Courtney comes from a family of entrepreneurs, angel investors, and gut reactors. Having worked on both the B2C and B2B sides, she has gained a breadth of experience in marketing, merchandising, product development, sales, buying, and business development. She brings this multiperspective viewpoint to her clients, allowing her to be pliable to various needs. She will devise innovative tactics to cultivate loyal relationships with key partners or customers to gain market share, and make sure that your business has a clearly defined identity with consistent messaging across all platforms.


Whether you're having trouble managing your inbox, your employees, or your archives, by implementing day-to-day best practices and procedures, Courtney guarantees that things will run more smoothly. She is able to quickly identify and systematically fix these internal flaws to ultimately enhance your business performance, saving time, money, and headaches.


Courtney believes the devil is in the details. An Oxford comma enthusiast, quality controller, and wordsmith warrior, she can help refine your company's voice, reimagine or copyedit current content and collateral, and aid in all external communications. This extra set of eyes is crucial and has proven invaluable to her clients. Courtney also has over a decade of editorial and styling experiences, and is able to conceptualize seasonal campaigns for fashion clients and act as Creative Director when needed.

Services are project-based or ongoing.


“As the owner of a public relations & social media company, it is so important for my business to have a cohesive voice, streamlined branding, and elevated client-facing content. CSM Consulting thoughtfully audited and analyzed our current content, revamped stale branding, and created on-point language that has become the lynchpin of the company. Her creative ideas, painstaking eye for detail, and impeccable taste expanded off the page and into all visual collateral as well. Working with Courtney is such a pleasure, and her results truly speak for themselves.” –Sarah J.

“Courtney exhibits grace under pressure at every job and I rely on her to be prepared for any situation.” -Michelle M.

"Courtney's services were priceless. She helped me organize and gather all the content I needed for my new website and business model. She did everything in a timely manner and also worked with my budget! She is an asset to any business owner!" –Maryam S.

Courtney is a rare find. I never imagined that I could work with someone who cares about my brand as much as I do. Her incredible work ethic is present in everything she does, whether we were collaborating on big-picture strategy or focusing on the smallest detail. Courtney won't always tell you what you want to hear, but she has incredibly insightful opinions and, quite frankly, she's pretty much always right. She has taught me a tremendous amount, which has not only helped my business, but has helped shape me as a business owner.” –Caroline A.

“I immediately recognized that this was the type of person who could add great value to my company. She was able to step in and take charge of things -in two languages- and I cannot say enough about her level of professionalism. She will be an asset wherever she is.” –Shelley D.

“Courtney’s style on personal branding is critical in cutting through the market clutter.” – Judy H.